HAPU Mens Kimono Vest Open Top with Sleeves and Pockets Cotton Jut Ceremony Ritual Festival Gypsy Primitive Boho Tribal Earthy Shaman AJJAYA

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Our HAPU kimono vest is made of a combination of soft Cotton inside and rough durable Jut fabric outside.

The Jut fabric is embroidered with tribal stripes of alternating brown and beige colours.

Featuring 2 pockets and a wide spacious designed fit.

Inspired by tribal and primitive ceremonial wearables and named accordingly Hapu which means clan, sub-tribe or to be born in the Mauri language of Indigenous New Zealanders.

One size fits most, our model is 5'7


Length: 68 cm / 27 Inches
Width: 70 cm / 28 Inches
Sleeve inseam length: 22 cm / 9 Inches

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