Brown Hooded Scarf with hood

Brown Hooded Scarf with hood Embroidery

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Brown Hooded Scarf with hood Embroidery Tribal Pattern Gypsy Jungle Nomadic Cashmere Festival Nomadic Primitive Earthy Rave AJJAYA Ethnic

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Handmade from Cashmere wool with tribal embroidery this hooded scarf is both functional and stylish . . .

Featuring a large hood for perfect comfort . . .

One size fits all . . .

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Who is Ajjaya?

We are a small, Australian based, family-owned clothing brand committed to eco-conscious values.

Our garments are handmade from natural fabrics, using sustainable and ethical practices.

Our journey began nearly a decade ago, and throughout this time, we've continuously strived to enhance our quality standards while upholding our commitment to ethical practices for the benefit of humans, animals and our planet.

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