Aladdin Mens Drop Crotch Cotton Pants Brown Yogi Ashtanga Asana Harem Alibaba Yoga Afghani pocket trousers comfortable tai chi gong AJJAYA

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Our ultra comfortable Afghani Alibaba or harem pants (they have so many names . . . )

Check out these awesome pants!

People call them Alibaba, Harem, Afghani, Aladdin or yoga pants . . .

We just think they are ultra comfortable and suitable for sports activities and everyday usage . . .

Handmade from soft cotton fabric in a beautiful earthy chai colour . . .

Featuring a single small pocket sealed with velcro . . .


Hip to ankle it 100cm / 39.5 inches

Waist ranges between 55cm - 106cm / 22 inches - 42 inches

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