KORO Cargo Short Pants Mens

KORO Cargo Short Pants Mens Cotton


KORO Cargo Short Pants Mens Cotton Naturally Dyed Block Printed Tribal Patterns Festival Tactical Functional Pockets Above Knee AJJAYA

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Introducing our KORO Cargo Short Pants – a blend of comfort, style, and conscientious design. These pants are meticulously handmade using soft yet robust natural cotton, offering a breathable feel. With a design that seamlessly merges functionality and aesthetics, the KORO Cargo Pants feature two front pockets, two side pockets, and two back pockets. The distinctive touch of coconut buttons adorns the sealed back and side pockets, adding an eco-friendly element to the overall design.

These tactical cargo pants are naturally dyed with plant-based colours, ensuring a vibrant and unique wardrobe choice. The tribal block printed patterns further enhance their charm, making them stand out for various occasions.

Ideal for both everyday wear and festival vibes, the KORO Cargo Pants provide ample space to store your essentials, combining utility with a touch of cultural flair.


Waist Circumference: 80cm stretching to 96cm / 31.5 inches - 37.8 inches
Length: 47 cm / 18.5 inches
Inseam: 21 cm / 8.25 inches

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