TATHAGATHA Brown Oversized Meditation Shawl Handwoven Pure Cashmere Wool Embroidered Blanket Handmade Winter Zen Wrap Himalayan AJJAYA

$200 USD $222 USD

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Our Tathagatha shawl is a soft, warm and cosy oversized cashmere wool blanket.

Carefully handwoven, made from 100% pure wool in an ancient traditional process without machinery, which makes every piece unique.

Oversized design for full coverage in meditation sittings or for various ways of wearing and wrapping.

In Pāli (the language spoken by the Buddha) Tathagata means an enlightened one, a finder of truth, one who has attained enlightenment.


Length: 266 cm / 104 inches
Width: 122 cm / 48 inches
Weight: 0.82 kg / 1.81 pounds