ANAGAMI Hooded Kimono Sage Green

ANAGAMI Hooded Kimono Sage Green Cape


ANAGAMI Hooded Kimono Sage Green Cape Poncho Robe Block Printed Natural Dyed Ceremony Ritual Shaman Tribal Alchemy Sacred Shawl AJJAYA

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Behold our ANAGAMI Hooded Kimono or is it a cape? an open poncho or a robe?

Whatever it may be, it is Something else that does not quite fit in the usual boxes and categories . . .

Naturally dyed in earthy colours and block printed with tribal patterns . . .

Made of 100% cotton . . .

The meaning of Anagami in Pali (the language spoken by the Buddha) is:
Non-returner. A person who has abandoned the five lower fetters that bind the mind to the cycle of rebirth (see saṃyojana), and who after death will appear in one of the Brahma worlds called the Pure Abodes, there to attain nibbāna, never again to return to this world.


Length 85 cm / 33.5 inches
Width 115 cm / 45 inches

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Great item, fast processing and delivery o...

Great item, fast processing and delivery of order,
many Thanks

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