Men's Poncho Pattern Handmade Brown Cashmere Hooded Poncho Earthy Pattern, Earthy Tribal Pattern Festival Gypsy AJJAYA Alternative Primitive Nomadic Mexican

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We present our high-quality handmade Hooded Poncho Earthy Pattern for men. Aside from providing a noticeable look, it also ensures warmth and comfort through a relaxed fit and easy wearing. One can wear this light-weighted earthy pattern poncho whenever they need a bit of extra warmth. During winters, it can bring a layer of warmth to your body, whereas in the summertime, you can enjoy the airy and light feel of this earthy poncho.

This Men's Hooded Poncho Earthy Pattern features an embroidered tribal pattern, two front pockets, and a large hood . . .

Warm, Stylish and super comfortable men's poncho pattern . . .

One size fits all (exact measurements in photos)



From neck to tip 88cm (35 inches)
Hood size 37cm (15 inches)