SAMANA Beige Meditation Shawl Cotton Scarf Sarong Beach Longi Eco Natural Plant Dye Block Print Pattern Tribal Gyspy Boho Primitive AJJAYA

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Our SAMANA shawl is made of 100% cotton, it is naturally dyed using plant-based pigments and the patterns are block printed by hand.

Can be used as a meditation shawl for warmer days or as a scarf, sarong, beach longi and many other creative uses you may think of . . .

Samaṇa in Pāli (the language spoken by the Buddha):
Contemplative. Literally, a person who abandons the conventional obligations of social life in order to find a way of life more "in tune" (sama) with the ways of nature.



65 x 47 inches

165 x 120 centimeters

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