KULDI Mens Yoga Tank Top

KULDI Mens Yoga Tank Top Beige


KULDI Mens Yoga Tank Top Beige Sleeveless Natural Cotton Handmade Block Printed Plant Eco Dye Festival Tribal Ceremony Ritual Earthy AJJAYA

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Introducing the KULDI Tank Top - a harmonious blend of tribal style, comfort, and sustainability, perfect for both yoga practice and festival wear. Handmade with love and care.

Crafted from soft, natural, breathable cotton, the KULDI Tank Top offers unparalleled comfort and mobility, making it perfect for yoga enthusiasts and those seeking ultimate freedom of movement. Each piece is optimized for flexibility, allowing you to flow seamlessly through your asanas and everyday activities with ease.

The true charm of the KULDI Tank Top lies in its unique hand-block printed patterns, meticulously created using natural plant-based dyes, which resonate with a tribal aesthetic. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices is reflected in the use of these dyes.

The handmade quality of the KULDI Tank Top ensures that no two pieces are identical, meaning your tank top will be as unique as you are, capturing the spirit of both tribal artistry and festival culture.


Length: 77 cm / 30 inches
Chest Circumference: 102 cm / 40 inches

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