TADASANA Mens Yoga Pants Beige

TADASANA Mens Yoga Pants Beige Organic


TADASANA Mens Yoga Pants Beige Organic Hemp and Cotton Handmade Samurai Pockets Eco Friendly Sustainable Comfortable Earthy Gypsy AJJAYA

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Our TADASANA hemp and cotton 7/8 pants are extremely comfortable handmade from soft and sustainable eco-friendly organic hemp and cotton (55% Organic hemp, 45% Organic cotton) . . .

Designed for maximising agility and flexibility by easing of movement and maneuverability . . .

Our TADASANA pants are 7/8 length by design and have wide openings at the calves for ventilation and comfort . . .

They have two slightly angled front pockets . . .

Perfect for yoga, martial arts, and acrobatics but also great for casual outings, ceremonies and rituals . . .

One size fits (almost) all . . .

Hemp fabrics are stronger, more absorbent, more durable, and better insulating than cotton. Furthermore, they don't stretch out of shape.

Hemp is a wonderful material, as well as being a biodegradable fibre, hemp's production requires less than a third of the water needed for cotton and yields 220% more fibre. The plant grows without the need for harmful herbicides and pesticides and also replenishes soil quality.



Length: 34.5 inches / 88 cm

Inseam: 27.5 inches / 70 cm

Elastic Waist: 22 inches - 41 inches / 58 cm - 106 cm

The waist stretches so it can fit a circumference ranging from 24 inches / 61 cm to a maximum stretch of 46 inches / 117 cm

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