VIRIYA 披肩 灰灰色 棕色 手织羊毛

VIRIYA 披肩 灰灰色 棕色 手织羊毛 冥想祈祷围巾毯

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VIRIYA 披肩 灰灰色 棕色 手织羊毛 冥想祈祷围巾毯 高级纯羊绒 冬季禅意藏族刺绣 Boho AJJAYA

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采用优质超柔软羊绒羊毛手工编织而成。 . .这条披肩会让你保持温暖和舒适。 . .

额外的长度以获得额外的覆盖。 . .



105 厘米 X 206 厘米(41 英寸 x 81 英寸)

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Who is Ajjaya?

We are a small, Australian based, family-owned clothing brand committed to eco-conscious values.

Our garments are handmade from natural fabrics, using sustainable and ethical practices.

Our journey began nearly a decade ago, and throughout this time, we've continuously strived to enhance our quality standards while upholding our commitment to ethical practices for the benefit of humans, animals and our planet.

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