AMAGUK Beige Hooded Mens Fleece Jacket Hoodie Jumper Large Hood Block Printed Tribal Geometric Pattern Primitive Festival Alternative AJJAYA

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Our AMAGUK jacket is handmade of thick soft cotton and decorated with block printed handmade patterns using natural plant-based dyes.

The jacket's interior is made of warm soft fleece and it also has a large oversized hood and some extra length for below-waist coverage.

This design is inspired by Inuit mythology in which AMAGUK means the wolf god or he who has the spirit of the wolf.

One size fits Medium to Large body types.


Length: 31" / 79 cm
Shoulder width: 23" / 59 cm
Arms length: 26" / 66 cm
Arms inseame: 20" / 51 cm
Hood size: 16" / 42 cm

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