WIZARD Chaleco de kimono con

WIZARD Chaleco de kimono con capucha


WIZARD Chaleco de kimono con capucha para hombre Patrón tribal beige Alquimista Hechicero Ritual Ceremonia Festival gitano Alquimia mágica Primitivo Icaro AJJAYA

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Presentamos nuestro chaleco kimono Alchemist. . .

Con una capucha extragrande y una espalda abierta decorada con bordados de patrones tribales. . .

Este chaleco está inspirado en la alquimia, la hechicería, la hechicería y la magia. . .

Súper genial, súper cómodo y único. . .

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Daniel J

It fits in perfectly with my panchos but it is lighter and has the arm holes to give it its own unique feel

Ton Copas
My new favourite festival Robe

Really comfortable and stylish, got many compliments for it

Maurice Escallon
WIZARD Mens Hooded Kimono Vest

I love how I look in this Kimono. I’ve worn it once at a festival and got multiple compliments on it

Beautiful kimono 🫶

Beautiful kimono 🫶

Love love love love this so much! Extra ba...

Love love love love this so much! Extra baggy in all the right places and it's what I wear everytime I meditate or just hanging around my home staying busy. I never take it off. I will be buying more for sure.

ETSY Customer Reviews

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Based on 3,399 reviews

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