Mens Cotton Pants Olive Green

Mens Cotton Pants Olive Green Drop


Mens Cotton Pants Olive Green Drop Low Crotch Harem Alibaba Yoga Comfortable One Size Loose Fit Festival Boho Hippie Natural Earthy AJJAYA

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~~~~ Available in Black, Beige, Green, Grey and Brown ~~~~

These Drop Crotch 100% Cotton pants are super comfortable and stylish . . .

Plenty of Breathing space and flexibility frees you to engage in yoga, karate tai chi or just be comfy around the house . . .

Featuring two pockets and a free-sized elastic waist and string to ensure a perfect fit . . .

They are unisex and look great on both males and females yay!

Try folding them knee height they look amazing in that variation as well :)

Length is 38 inches / 98 cm

it's a drop crotch so the inseam is shorter than usual, and its 27 inches / 68 cm

The waist stretches so it can fit a circumference starting from 29inch / 74cm to the maximum stretch of 43inch / 110 cm

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