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YANA Womens Pants Beige Slit Open Side, Goddess Belly Dance Natural Soft Cotton Flow Yoga Festival Boho Ceremony Pixie Fairy Tribal AJJAYA

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Discover the ultimate fusion of comfort, style, and performance with the YANA Soft Cotton Pants. These multifaceted trousers are crafted with the discerning dancer and festival-goer in mind. Whether you're moving to the rhythm of exotic music or simply enjoying the festive atmosphere, these pants provide a seamless blend of flexibility and elegance that makes every moment a joy.

Made from 100% soft cotton, these pants offer superior comfort and breathability, creating a cool and comfortable fit for all-day wear. Their ultra-soft texture ensures a gentle touch on your skin, while the durability of cotton ensures that they withstand the rigors of dancing and regular use.

One of the standout features of the YANA pants is the ingeniously designed side slits. As you walk or dance, these slits subtly expose and conceal your legs, creating an entrancing flow that complements your movements. This unique design element lends an air of mystery and allure, capturing the very essence of belly dancing.

Our YANA cotton pants are also designed for ultimate comfort. Their relaxed fit and adjustable waistband mean they can accommodate various body types without sacrificing comfort or style. The generous cut allows for unrestricted movement.

Every detail of these pants — from the soft cotton material to the side slits and comfortable design — is meant to enhance your performance, whether on the dance floor or the festival field. Stylish yet functional, they're perfect for those who demand both comfort and fashion in their wardrobe.

Experience the freedom of movement, the comfort of soft cotton, and the head-turning style of the YANA Soft Cotton Pants. Perfect for belly dancing, festivals, or simply for those who appreciate a unique and comfortable pair of pants in their collection.

Model height is 162 cm / 5'3


Length: 103 cm / 40.5 inches
Elastic Waist Circumference: 60 cm stretching to 102cm / 23.6 inches stretching to 40 inches

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